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Every project we are asked to design is unique, and requires us to find a solution answering the specific needs of the client, audience and project goals. To illustrate how this works, we have prepared case studies of actual projects in several different areas (for example, logo design, product launch, or website development) which describe the client, project goals, and our solution.

Booth Design for Award-Winning Trade Show Exhibit

Client: Allworx Corporation, New York A trade show can be a voracious money pit, swallowing entire budgets in a single gulp. Or it can be a miraculous money machine, generating…

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Product Launch for Chevron: Lighten Your Load

Client: Chevron Global Marine Products, London, UK Have you ever had a product launch where there was too much work, and too few hours in the day to get it…

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Brand Design for Startup Dental Lab: Risky Business

Client: Artizahn Dental Studio, Inc., New York You've paid your dues — worked hard, gone as high in the company as you possibly could, and then made the leap to…

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