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You have design challenges, we have solutions.

Our customers often ask us to design a solution to a specific challenge confronting their business — like launching an e-commerce site, designing an effective logo, or illustrating complex technology products with simple graphics. We use our creative skills to find the best solution for each challenge.

And we like sharing our expertise — especially in our sweet spot of graphic design, web design and brand identity for the business-to-business community — so we periodically add articles, case studies or blog posts on those topics. Some of them are posted below, and others can be found under the Portfolio tab above. Or, if you have a specific question you would like answered, send it to us now!


What every business needs. And how. (An inside look at AIGA‘s creative process.)

AIGA knows a thing or two about design. As the largest and oldest association of professional designers in the United States, AIGA has invested considerable…

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medacube logo design

Brand Design — Is It a Product or Company?

Which is the master brand: the product or the company? In the case of MedaCube — an automated medication dispenser designed and manufactured by PharmAdva…

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Rx for Success — Effective Pharmaceutical Marketing

Client: Taro Pharmaceuticals, New York. Pharmaceutical sales can be rough: lots of competition, big budgets, big egos. So what’s a marketing manager to do when…

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Sydor Logo Design

How A Clever Logo Looks Good — And Solves Problems

When your logo design needs an update... Sydor Optics is a company with cutting-edge technology. They operate the largest collection of double-sided grinding machines in…

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HearShield Logo and Brand Design

Hearshield: A Tricky E-commerce Plan

Product design — done. Manufacturing process — done. Brand and packaging — done. Now Jonathan Sacks, CEO of Hearshield, wanted to release an innovative new…

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Booth Design for Award-Winning Trade Show Exhibit

Client: Allworx Corporation, New York. A trade show can be a voracious money pit, swallowing entire budgets in a single gulp. Or it can be…

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Product Launch for Chevron: Lighten Your Load

Client: Chevron Global Marine Products, London, UK. Have you ever had a product launch where there was too much work, and too few hours in…

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