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Hearshield: A Tricky E-commerce Plan

Product design — done. Manufacturing process — done. Brand and packaging — done. Now Jonathan Sacks, CEO of Hearshield, wanted to release an innovative new hearing protection product online. Sacks commissioned IDU Creative Services to design and launch the new website.

Of course, there was a hitch. (Isn’t there always?) The website had to be launched before for the Christmas shopping season, just weeks away. So there was no time to lose…

A tricky e-commerce plan, with a tight deadline

Hearshield had a time-sensitive plan. The site had to be online in time for Christmas for customers in the UK. But then it had to be available to customers in other countries immediately afterward.

Since IDU Creative had already designed the logo, packaging and printed collateral, they cleverly incorporated these elements into the website design. Next, they established the tone and style of the website, and wrote persuasive content for every page. They also designed compelling infographics to explain the science behind the product.

IDU Creative worked with several fulfillment houses to integrate the e-commerce functionality. They also worked with payment processors to ensure that everything worked flawlessly from the customer’s online payment to Hearshield’s bank account. IDU Creative also incorporated shipping and VAT into the process.

Yet, the work was far from over. IDU Creative had to create two versions of the website. Hearshield needed one version with “Santa Special” graphics for the holiday season. And they needed another version without the graphics for a seamless transition after the holidays.

An e-commerce website delivered on time.

Time was short. But IDU Creative delivered on time. And Hearshield successfully launched the website ahead of schedule. After the launch, IDU Creative provided website maintenance. And they also improved the user experience, and refined the content for SEO. As a result of their efforts, Rob DiNardo, one of the principals of Hearshield, praised IDU Creative for delivering “Expertise and on time performance every step of the way.”

HearShield Web Design
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