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Logo design, advertising, copywriting and corporate ID

SYDOR OPTICS is a global leader in custom flat optics manufacturing (wafers, windows, filters, mirrors, optical flats, wedges, light pipes & beam splitters), with the largest collection of double-sided grinding and polishing machines in North America.

Create a new corporate identity to replace the aging logo, design advertisements with a better return rate, write content for entire website, and create a new set of corporate identity pieces.

Sydor Logo Design

Sydor Optics Corporate Identity

Lead a series of management meetings with ten stakeholders, propose a variety of design options, then craft a new logo encompassing Sydor’s heart and soul. With the team’s approval, implement the visual identity on a range of corporate identity materials.

Sydor Optics Print Ad Graphic Design

Sydor Optics Advertisements

Create magazine ads for trade publications with the goal of increasing reader engagement. Results based on a reader survey showed that the new ads were more engaging, attracted more attention, and were perceived by readers as more trustworthy.

Sydor Optics Web Design Copywriting

Create content for 21 web pages with technical subject matter. Research topics such as light pipes, beam splitters and CNC glass machining, write 200–400 words per topic, consult with Sydor’s technical staff, edit and revise as necessary.

Sydor Optics Logo Design

Sydor Optics Logo

Creative concept with many different approaches, client meetings and consultations, render final logo in several color spaces (spot color, four-color, black only and reverse) and various file formats (high resolution EPS for offset printing, medium resolution PNG for Microsoft Office applications, low resolution JPG for Web use)

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